Monday, August 1, 2016

Business Consulting, Planning, Imaging, Website, Social Media and Mobile App Solutions for Businesses!

Hello and thank for for reading my blog posts! My name is Johnny Giles and I am the owner of both;


I am a business consultant, business plan and rfp writer, social media strategist, web developer, mobile app developer and published author who has served hundreds of Clients since 2007. I have an extensive portfolio of completed work you can review along with Testimonials from my Clients on my websites above.

I want to feature my work for my Client Asia Brown and here business Rolling Kidz, LLC located in Charlotte North Carolina. We have done everything for Asia's business from the ground up and our work is ongoing. From her logo, brand, image and website, to her social media, spokesmodel videos, blogs and marketing tools she has been an amazing Client to work with! This is the website we custom designed;

Here is a visual snapshot of some of our work for her;

Here is one of the spokes model videos we created for her and optimized for views;

My business Expert Business Presentations can provide a-la-carte and package solutions for any business, project or venture and we strive to over-deliver to our Clients daily. The business consulting that is provided along with the deliver of our products and services will quantum leap your applicable knowledge and save you both time and money. My social media management services are designed to transition our Clients into self-sufficient applicable knowledge so that we empower our Clients not try to string them along for long term payments to us.

This is just some of what I do;

We love what we do for our Clients and the Clients we serve love us and our work!

Contact me to discuss your business, project or venture needs today and you will be glad you did!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why your image matters!

One of my newest Clients Ed Nissen allowed us to custom design his logo first;

Then he allowed us to custom design his business card;

Then we designed his return address envelope;

Then we designed his trifold brochure;

We are almost done with his website and you can see it here;

The type of work we do for our Client quickly allows them to create an image that brands their business professionally. Here is what I do;

Call or text me at 980-505-3079 or email me and see my websites for more samples and to read Testimonials!

I am capable of fast turn-around and amazing work! Please contact me to learn more about "Why Your Image Matters" because it does!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Branding, Planning & Strategy Development for Your Business

Here is an image of what we have recently completed for my Client Katrise Marie Jones, owner of Salon Se Swa;

As a business consultant graphic design is a part of what we do for our Clients however the most important things we do are coach our Clients on strategies to help ensure their success. I personally write all of the content for all of the collateral materials we design and then I help my Clients plan on how to use them effectively.

Here is a project snapshot of some of my work;

Here is a Business Profile sample I write for my Client EJ Drayton owner of Jaunt Charlotte;

Here is the cover of the Business Profile however you can click the link above to read the pdf.

Our services are turnkey and we offer a wide range of "a-la-carte" services based on the needs of our Clients however we never sales pitch, we only inform and let our Clients determine what they want from us. I have worked on hundreds of projects and my website showcases both testimonials from some of my Clients and my portfolio.

This is what I do;

Pricing & Samples (ask about current specials);

In today's digital world "Your Image is Everything" and people will judge you based on how well you present yourself, your business, project or venture! If you need a business plan, business presentation, RFP (request for proposal), power-point, video for marketing, promotion or information, a folder media kit, brochure, flyer or branding package with logo, business card, stationery and return address envelope we are the perfect turnkey resource for you. We also offer turnkey website and custom WordPress design including e-commerce and any other functionality you need. Global Solutions - Expert Business Presentations creates visually stimulating business tools and collateral materials that will set you apart!

Johnny Giles

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